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Human-Centered Web Design and Digital Marketing

TechNEEKS is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to changing the way you see yourself and your customers. We help business in a variety of industries including – architecture, medicine, technology, and education to name a few – attract, satisfy, and create your online presance. By collaborating with our clients as partners, we’re able to leverage our deep expertise in user experience design, web development, and marketing automation to create long-lasting marketing assets which drive business growth..


We are experienced in what we do

Our staff is skilled in a wide range of information technology tools and techniques.Our project leaders and web architects have at multiple years of web development experience. Our junior developers and application engineers are constantly undergoing professional development activities and training to ensure they meet our standards of excellence. These people bring with them a strong understanding of the Internet business and how to embrace the potential that the new net has to offer.

We are a web technology and production company dedicated to providing web-related services to businesses desiring to create and manage ongoing relationships with its customers, stakeholders and stockholders. Our service provides businesses with the tools to engage in interactive marketing via the Internet thereby allowing your business to create awareness, communicate, inform and sell.

We are focused on only one area; developing and managing your Internet presence.